Exploring disease burden in Crohn’s patients

Case study: a comparison of experience versus recollection of disease burden in patients with Crohn’s Disease.

Behavioural Economics states that thinking back to recall an experience requires a person to access their remembering self. This often forms the mainstay of traditional market research. Awareness of an experience in the present requires a person to access their experiencing self and various ‘here and now’ approaches can help market researchers to get closer to the thoughts, feelings and sensations at that point in time.

Using Crohn’s disease as a case study therapy area, Cello Health Insight conducted a programme of proprietary mobile research to investigate this principle. Following an initial phase of qualitative inquiry, a group of patients who were all experiencing a significant impact on their daily lives from Crohn’s disease were asked to record their disease burden using our ‘GoInTheMo’ smartphone app.

The key research objectives were to establish:

1. Whether there was a difference between what the remembering and experiencing selves report about disease burden?
2. The nature of the relationship between the two and how might a ‘gap’ be significant?
3. What the implications are for customer insight research and business intelligence?

Comparing the average scores of what the experiencing selves had reported day-to-day with what the remembering selves had reported at the end of 2 weeks showed that the remembering selves recalled higher levels of pain, tiredness and stress and that the differences were statistically different.

The remembering and experiencing selves provide quite different reports of disease burden and analysis of both is important to fully understand attitudes and behaviour.

Exploring the Connected Moments that define behaviour

The video above provides an overview of the case study’s methodology and key findings. The full research findings, conclusions and implications are published in the two white papers that can be downloaded from this page.

Paul Mannu

Paul Mannu

Master Practitioner, Behavioural Insights


White paper 1

Using mobile research to access the experiencing self.

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White paper 2

Anchoring qualitative methodologies in business intelligence using smartphone apps.

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