“Behaviour change is complex, requiring an armoury of techniques to fully understand it.”

Cello Health Insight’s qualitative research practice draws on over 30 years of global healthcare experience and incorporates a rich and extensive mix of
award-winning approaches. We pride ourselves on developing new and innovative techniques, with experts in the field from a variety of disciplines to direct our research.

We deliver valuable customer insight and recommendations that reflect modern thinking, incorporate a wealth of expert experience and uphold a tradition of excellence.


In a more competitive environment our clients appreciate our ability to understand their target audience’s behaviour. More importantly, they see the value of outputs that focus on the drivers of behaviour change, which can give them a competitive edge.

Within our qualitative practice we have embraced new thinking from the fields of neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics that reinforces the long-held beliefs among seasoned qualitative researchers that you have to go beyond the post-cognitive rationalisation of experience. These areas have informed our modern day approaches to qualitative studies while not letting go of traditional approaches that have stood the test of time. This means that our clients gain important insights that can drive behaviour change, which in turn help them drive their business.


Current understanding of how people behave has taught us the importance of three central concepts that are vital to consider in research:

1) Time: We understand that there is a difference between remembering back and the moment of experience, as a result we often ask for respondents to reflect ‘in the moment’, whether it be about their choices, how they feel or even to reflect on their past, we often ask them to do this outside the research setting.

Some of our methods involve spending more time and involve a more workshop-like environment. Our highly successful Kaleidoscope Research provides high energy 3-4 hour engagement with groups of stakeholders to ‘deep dive’ the values and beliefs that are driving prescribing behaviour.

2) Space: How often do your beliefs and attitudes get influenced by the environment you’re in, or what somebody said to you earlier? We take this very seriously. Whether it’s our approach to ethnography, the design of our guides, or the effect of our responses depending on the relationships respondents have with different stakeholders.

Carousel is an approach that we use to change people’s state of reference to understand beliefs and attitudes.

3) Triangulation: Over the years the use of hybrid methodologies has been the centre piece of many of our studies. However, we now use new tools in our methods. Our mobile research app and Connected Moments offering are often used to get ‘in the moment’ views that we then use in our face-to-face engagements

Beyond the research itself, our clients require more guidance from us on what needs to change to drive their business. Our outputs now involve a more collaborative approach such as belief modelling.

Our Master Practitioners

Our approaches have been guided by experts in the field for more than 30 years. Consequently, Cello Health Insght’s qualitative practice has built an extensive armoury of tools and techniques that incorporate new thinking taken from the world of behavioural economics, psychology and motivational sciences such as NLP.

Our team of master practitioners includes directors who, alongside their market research experience hold qualifications in psychotherapy, health psychology, NLP and anthropology. Our diverse pool of senior research directors and executives often provide a wealth of ideas from their own academic disciplines that are used to inform development of new methods and approaches.

Some of our innovative approaches include:

  • Kaleidoscope: Workshop sessions that deep dive in values and beliefs drawn from NLP insights on behaviour
  • TriSight: Exploring the dialogue and relationship between patients, HCPs and payors
  • Carousel: Changing peoples’ state of thinking by altering their context or framework of reference
  • Co-Discovery: A series of multiple approaches aimed at respondents reflecting on their own behaviours
  • Connected Moments: Our hybrid approach to understanding behaviour through the use of our ‘GoInTheMo’ mobile app and understanding the difference between the remembering and the experiencing self.

When we work with patients we use ‘real world approaches’ to record life with a disease as it is lived. These involve anything from flip-camera diaries and journaling, self-ethnography and extended ethnographic home visits.

An environment of creativity and innovation

Our passion for innovation in qualitative research is unceasing. Our internal processes encourage the scrutiny and development of existing approaches and the interrogation of new thinking on behaviour to understand how we can develop new approaches. We have regular ‘innovation sessions’ and regular updates of new ways of thinking.

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