Patient Research

“Patients are vital to both the tactical and strategic development of products and services.”

With the spotlight on patient-centricity, we’ve witnessed an explosion in the diversity of this research; a shift of focus from understanding the experience of the drug alone to the whole disease ‘system’, and a move to including caregivers and Patient Support Organisations.

As patients begin to take greater ownership of their disease and treatment, understanding their motivations and resistance becomes ever more important.


Whether your end-user is the ‘worried well’ consumer or has a life-limiting disease, we offer unrivalled expertise patient and caregiver research to help you achieve a variety of objectives:

  • Optimise the treatment pathway, by tracing the patient journey from diagnosis through treatment.
  • Measure the true value of treatments, by understanding the full burden of disease to the patient and their family.
  • Design better information and support services by uncovering unmet needs and challenges.
  • Improve devices and utilise digital tools to greater effect through a better understanding of customer engagement with new technologies.
  • See the full reality and impact of a disease by mapping a patient’s ecosystem.

Patients are expert in their disease but as researchers we need innovative ways to enable them to communicate their physical and emotional experience to us.

We have the broadest range of tools and techniques drawn from the worlds of healthcare and consumer research that incorporate behavioural economics, digital developments and psychotherapy.

Digital approaches include ‘in the moment’ mobile research and online patient communities using our eVillage® platform, ideal for stigmatised topics or rare diseases.

‘Real world’ approaches record life with a disease as it is lived. These involve anything from flip-camera diaries and journaling, to self-ethnography and extended ethnographic home visits. All of which bring you closer to the patient and can define segmentation and profile meaningful patient types.

We also explore the dialogue and relationship between patients and HCPs using proprietary approaches like TriSight® and simulated consultations.

Our passion for patient work is evident from our focused resources.

Our Patient Clinic Team.

This 20-strong team comprises members from the UK and US who meet regularly to share ideas and agree best practice, and to make use of members’ specialist skills in ethnography, psychology, anthropology and digital technology.

The Patient Clinic Team is led by one of our Master Practitioners – Patient Insights Director, Jane Barrett, who has over 25 years’ consumer and healthcare experience. Jane is also a qualified psychotherapist, bringing counselling skills to manage the sensitivities of patient work.

The specialisms covered by the group include young children and adolescents, patient support organisations, oncology, rare diseases, stigmatised conditions, auto-immune conditions, and mental health.

The team regularly publish in pharma journals and blog sites and present at seminars and webinars.

Tools are important, but it’s the quality of our knowledge, interpretation and deliverables that marks out our patient research.

Patient Research

Jane Barrett is a qualified humanistic psychotherapist at Cello Health Insight, specialising in patient and caregiver research. Jane can be reached via e-mail here

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