Quantitative ‘IQ’

“Intelligent quantitative research provides better support for critical business decisions.”

Intelligent Quantitative

‘IQ’ is our dedicated quantitative research practice. It’s built on a foundation of over 30 years’ experience in healthcare research and a strong reputation in the qualitative research space.

The driving aim behind our IQ offering is to provide better solutions to our clients’ problems, solutions that deliver strategically valuable insight. To achieve this we’ve put in place a dedicated team that live and breathe quantitative methodology, their default is to challenge conventional thinking and they’re constantly looking for a fresh take on traditional approaches.


The quantitative research we deliver supports strategic and tactical decision making at several key stages of an asset’s lifecycle:

‘Far’ – For assets that are far from launch, we offer early product assessment to support ‘Go’ / ‘No-Go’ decisions, through Target Product Profile (TPP) evaluation and market understanding.

‘Near’ – For assets nearer to launch, we offer validation of qualitative insights with particular focus on patient pathway/flow, Conjoint, Segmentation (using our Cluster Ensemble and matched segmentation approaches) and communication testing (including our bespoke impact measure e-Flex)

‘Here’ – For assets close to or post launch we offer launch effectiveness monitoring (incorporating digital technology and advanced methodologies)

Our clients’ needs and business objectives are always unique to them. So rather than offering ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions, we custom-build intelligent but transparent approaches that get to the heart of a particular problem. The advantage of IQ is that we’re able to draw on modern and cutting-edge advanced analytics allied with a deep understanding of human behaviour.

“If you’re constantly pressure-testing the boundaries, sometimes you might reveal subtle ways to optimise the research, but you’ll always arrive at better solutions.”

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