Emerging Markets

“BRIC, MINT or E7? However you define them, accurately understanding emerging markets is essential for pharma commercialisation success.”

While this is true for any market, achieving this can be much more challenging as emerging markets differ substantially from one another as well as from developed markets. There is no substitute for real world experience that is comprehensively aware of and understands local market nuances, the subtle interplay of market dynamics and how these may develop and change during the lifecycle of a specific emerging market.

As a result of our well-established relationships with vetted and continually re-appraised partners in over 30 markets deemed ‘emerging’, Cello Health Insight is a trusted partner of many of the world’s leading pharma companies when conducting research into emerging markets. Real world examples of how we help pharma companies include providing:

  • Understanding of the local healthcare ecosystem and structure which may be very different
  • Training in conducting market research for local recruiters, interviewers and sampling teams
  • Insight into local pharmaceutical ethics from regulatory, medical and wider cultural dimensions
  • Education of more unpredictable market specific risks such as unreliable communication infrastructure through to rolling blackouts in Dhaka or Monsoons in the Philippines

Take the example of a pharma company wanting to target respondents in a specific social grade. In established markets this would be relatively straight forward because there would typically be pre-existing and widely accepted market research categories filled with data with a known degree of reliability. In an emerging market however there are often no established categories or there may be competing categories with differing degrees of acceptance by different sectors of the market. When it comes to the data itself, this may be based on out of date, inaccurate or incomplete census information; it may also have been collated by local partners using out of date, less effective sampling methods.

Consequently we have developed a proven tailored recruitment approach. This has been successfully used across a number of quantitative and qualitative studies to predetermine at recruitment stage respondents who fall into the required category in drastically different emerging markets like Nigeria, the Philippines, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

While insightful understanding of emerging markets is essential, so is ensuring consistency of quality control irrespective of which market a company may be seeking to engage with. Once again our global team approach enables us to deliver comprehensive ‘on the ground’ experience managed to the same stringent quality control levels required by the most demanding established markets.

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