“Understanding and effectively leveraging digital channels and technologies will deliver competitive advantage for your brands.”

The shift away from traditional media, brand marketing and communications towards a new global ‘always connected’ Digital world presents new opportunities for pharma.

This sea-change also raises a need to answer specific questions and for pharma to address new business challenges:

  • How are customers (HCPs and patients) using digital technology and communications?
  • How do I build digital marketing strategies that will resonate with my customers?
  • How can I digitally ‘augment’ my existing salesforce?
  • How can I understand my customers unmet needs, then develop, test and launch new digital channels?
  • How can I optimise my existing sales material (such as e-detail aids)?
  • How can I build digital engagement platforms (including websites and apps) for patient support programmes?

Our digital vision

At Cello Health Insight we recognise that this shift has been firmly embraced by our clients in the Pharma sector and we are proud to take a leading position in engaging with and providing competitive advantage to our clients through our understanding of digital.

Our digital vision has three main pillars which we use to meet our clients business objectives:

1. Understanding digital media, communication and marketing touch-points. Understanding the reality of multi-channel communications from a marketing perspective and the implications for brands and their salesforces

2. Understanding the impact of digital technology applied (and technology companies) on the entire process of health. From mobile apps to virtual GPs and digital imaging, realising the impact of such change is vital

3. On-going development of a suite of digital business intelligence tools that use cutting-edge technology within a well-established framework of quantitative and qualitative research practise fit for purpose for the 21st century

Unrivalled digital expertise

Our digital team is dedicated to both understanding the impact of digital on our clients’ businesses as well as harnessing new digital technologies and applying them to the process of research and insight.

The team is well practiced in the disciplines of traditional pharma market research, innovation and technology, platform development and delivery and consumer marketing. It also includes a depth of experience not just from pharma market research but also consumer research and of course extensive experience across myriad therapy areas.

In addition, we have specific digital innovation experts within the team tasked with consistently re-evaluating and updating both our thinking in the digital space (for example how technology companies may change the face of healthcare) and creating new digital research methodologies.


Online qualitative communities

eVillage is our proprietary, award-winning online qualitative research offering for healthcare.

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