“Biologic therapies have changed the face of medicine, but with the introduction of biosimilars, manufacturers are facing their biggest challenge yet.”

Ruth Woodrow, Director

Despite superior efficacy claims, newer biologics can find it harder to justify premium pricing strategies, while originator biologics are struggling to maintain their market share in the face of biosimilar competition.


We have a wealth of experience working with both originator and biosimilar manufacturers, helping them to navigate this changing market landscape and to develop impactful competitive strategies. Our previous work has delivered against business objectives that included:

  • Gauging the level of understanding of biosimilars across markets; identifying unmet needs, identifying drivers and barriers to use across physicians, patients and payers.
  • Understanding payer implementation strategies for biosimilars, across disease states and markets, and the impact this will have on originator biologics.
  • Mapping the patient journey across disease states and understanding how to empower patients to make informed choices on their biologic.
  • Segmenting customers to identify key strategic targets for tailored marketing campaigns.
  • Optimising communications strategies, through positioning, message testing and creative development through the use of innovate research tools.

To ensure success for their products in this new prescribing landscape, it’s important for originator and biosimilar manufacturers alike to better understand their customers.

Monoclonal antibody biologic therapies have revolutionised the treatment of many diseases, changing the medical landscape for payers, prescribers and patients. This landscape is in the midst of another seismic shift, as many of the leading biologics are facing or have faced, the loss of patent exclusivity and increasing competition from biosimilar manufacturers.

Previous wisdom held that biologics would be too complex and expensive to replicate en masse in a cost effective way, while payers and prescribers would not trust their interchangeability or safety, limiting their uptake. However, the regulatory market is becoming more favourable to biosimilars and physicians’ comfort levels with the idea of prescribing is on the increase.

Biosimilar manufacturers are now developing highly competitive pricing strategies and additional value added services, to become real players in the market. Reducing biologic spend is therefore at the forefront of payers minds and competition for prescription share will be tough.

We have a broad range of advanced qualitative methodologies, innovative digital tools and analytical techniques drawn from the worlds of healthcare and consumer research that incorporate behavioural economics, digital developments and psychotherapy that can help you address your specific business questions.

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