New global role signals importance of digital to healthcare customer insight

News announcement: Damian Eade to lead digital team

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“Healthcare needs to see digital as a smarter way of getting closer to customers” says Damian Eade, recently appointed to lead Cello Health Insight’s global digital offering.

Damian returns to Cello Health Insight after almost two years as head of healthcare and managing director of London-based agency Kiosk to take up the newly-created post of global head of digital. He previously spent 12 years at Cello Health Insight from 2002 until 2014, during which time he was an early advocate for digital – successfully developing and applying digital techniques to healthcare market research. He was a leading member of the team that created eVillage, Cello Health Insight’s ground-breaking and award-winning online qualitative research community.

“Over the past few years, the pharma world has increasingly embraced the new opportunities presented by the digital revolution. That said, given the rapid pace of change, companies have at the same time been grappling with how they can make it really work for them,” says Damian.

“This is the case for both pharma insight agencies and our clients, as we look to see how we can evolve, adapt and stay ahead. But when it comes to the world of customer insight, we need to remember that fundamentally we are still looking at understanding people – human behaviours, beliefs and opinions. And digital is presenting us with a fantastic wealth of opportunities to get closer to people, and the moments that matter most. In a world where technology is changing the boundaries of what is possible on a daily basis, it’s more important than ever for us not to lose sight of the human story and implications.

“Alongside this is the opportunity for us to work smarter, both in terms of uncovering insights, as well as helping our clients to find new ways to better engage their customers through digital. And what excites me is that there are no signs of this slowing down!”

Welcoming Damian to his new role, joint CEO Jane Shirley said, “Since we created eVillage over 5 years ago, Cello Health Insight has led the way in introducing digital methodologies such as mobile research, online communities and digital pathways into healthcare market research, and we are acknowledged as a leader in this field. We have created this new global role to enable us to move onto the next stage, which is integrating digital fully into what we do.

“We are delighted to welcome back Damian to lead our digital team and further advance the boundaries of Cello Health Insight’s digital offer.”

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