Predicting success: How advanced analytics should underpin your brand strategy

Webinar hosted by PharmaPhorum featuring Massimo Bufi and Richard Kunzmann, broadcast January 2016


Cello Health Insight participated in a webinar hosted by PharmaPhorum on the 27th January 2016, discussing how to utilise advanced analytical techniques to construct market-leading competitive decisions.

Director, Senior Methodologist Massimo Bufi and Associate Director Richard Kunzmann – both team members of Insight’s Quantitative department ‘IQ’ – joined PharmaPhorum’s moderator Andrew McConaghie on the participant panel for Predicting success: How advance analytics should underpin your brand strategy. 

This webinar was designed to be an introduction to the potential of advanced analytics and gave practical learnings on how advanced analytics can:

  1. Help you optimise your communications channel mix to reach the greatest number of customers with the least possible resource commitment
  2. Give you the outputs and insights that provide clear prioritisation between options that are being weighed up for a marketing plan (e.g. visual concepts, messages) and help you make an optimum decision for your brand to drive product success
  3. Reveal the mindspace of your customers, visual insights into how patients and physicians think about your brand vs. your competitors’, whether you really are differentiated in the market, and alternatively what white space exists in the market that your brand could successfully occupy

This webinar took place on Wednesday 27th January 2016 at 15:00 GMT (16:00 CET). To view an on demand version of the webinar, please click here or on the sidebar button.


Massimo Bufi
IQ Director & Senior Methodologist

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Associate Director

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